Shaun Harris is a local hip-hop rapper from Tucson Arizona. His recent single “Bio” off his debut album Shock G Calls Me Chris has caught attention of many hip-hop followers, including artists like Atmosphere of Rhymesayers Entertainment. Of course when I too stumbled upon his recent release “Bio”, I had to hit him up for some Q&A about his lyrical artist try and the man himself.

Check out his video: Shaun Harris x Bell Biv Cousteau – Bio

Download Shaun Harris X Bell Biv Cousteau “Bio” on Bandcamp ← [follow this link to download] and spread the single to all your friends, family, kids, neighbors and pets.

Shaun, thank you for taking your time to allow me to interview you. I, along with nearly a thousand other hip-hoppers, was pretty impressed with your recent single “Bio”. And I’m definitely looking forward to hear more from you.

[V] How long have you been emceeing and recording? And what really inspired you to enter the hip-hop game?

[SH] Rapping since I was like 8 or 9 and recording since 2004. What inspired me to enter the hip-hop game is love. For the love of Hip Hop the culture that is. Hip hop is not a spectator sport, you have to be active if you want to be a part of the culture and I couldn’t draw, DJ , or dance so I fell in love with words and started rapping. Even though, my rapping roots as a performer started with Drum and Bass.

[V] Would you say that rhyming comes natural to you or is that something you had to learn and develop over time?

[SH] Both, as a I kid, I would make up silly songs all the time. Then when I got older, I began doing raves and weeklies as jungle MC. I had to rap for over one to four hour sets, so I learned to rap about everything around me and learned to double time sing and do impressions. Jungle has taught me a lot as an MC.

[V] In your own words, how would you describe your musical style? Also, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, what songs would you recommend they listen to?

[SH] I’m just doing me really. I am influenced by everyone and everything around me, and take a little from each of that.

[V] Do you perform live? If so, how often and where can we see and hear you in person? Also, do you or have you ever participated in freestyle rap battles?

[SH] Yes. A lot. From the weeklies, raves, hip hop shows and many others. In the thirteen year span, its probably in the thousands but I’ve never been on tour so I could only imagine then.

[V] Are you signed with a label? If so, what’s the name of it and where is it based? If not, would you like to be or would you rather maintain your independence?

[SH] No I am not signed to a label yet (HINT HINT). I love my independence but I wouldn’t mind being signed.

[V] Did you catch that Labels? Snatch hIm up while you still can…

The beat in “Bio” is so ill. Thanks for keeping my ipod play-list fresh. Do you produce your own music? And do you play any instruments or dj?

[SH] Nah, I didn’t make that beat. That is from a project with my Man Thomm Johnson AKA TRICERIATOP AKA BEL BIV COSTEAU. The man is a genius. I don’t make beats. One, I suck at it and two, I got to keep producers working (laughs).

[V] How do you stay inspired to write and perform? Do you read often, attend shows, or listen to music?

[SH] Life. I always recite a saying from Earnest Hemingway “Good writers write about life, great writers live life then write about it”. I read comic books and whatever is on the internet. I go to shows often. I love shows and I listen to music so I can keep up with the times and find my new favorite artists.

[V] What artists influence your own craft the most? And why?

[SH] There are too many to name. I’ve learned so much from both famous and non-famous rappers alike.

[V] What are your top five favorite albums or jams? And what are some songs or albums you been listening to lately?

[SH] In no particular order:

1. Funcrusher Plus by Company Flow

2. Bottle of Humans by Sole

3. Lucy Ford by Atmosphere

4. Labor Days by Aesop Rock

5. Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest

[V] Is Hip-Hop your full time job? And what are your ultimate plans for your music career?

[SH] No, I have a full time job and a wife to take care of, rapping for me does not pay the bills. My ultimate plan is to be what I already am a rapper. I would like to tour though.

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And always thanks for stopping by again guys. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Shaun Harris as much as I did and stay tuned for more epic hip-hop adventures.

Shaun Harris x Bell Biv Cousteau – Bio