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Nate and I continue our discussion of hip-hop culture. I also learn that, Nate is actually an aspiring emcee himself with a body of work to back it. Our conversation takes yet another turn when I remind him of the time when we had first met and we spoke about something that I found especially intriguing that combines both of his passions – teaching & hip-hop and the repercussions of it on his students. We also discuss various free educational resources that are made available to kids who have interest in learning how to create music or jumpstart their podcasting venture.

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Nate Whitsell is creator of – one of the fastest growing platforms in San Diego that curates content with strong emphasis in urban arts & culture.

A highly regarded Hip-Hop journalist in San Diego, Nate often reminds me of Adam22 from No Jumper Podcast, given how hard he holds down San Diego by going above and beyond to support local talent. And although, SDLHH niche is San Diego, Nate has had success landing interviews with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop industry, which is further discussed in the upcoming segments of our conversation. Did I mention that he’s got some fire bars of his own? Check out some of his joints that he’s been working (link below).

Above all, #SDLovesHipHop’s core ambition is to encourage anyone that has been impacted by hip-hop to engage in a discussion for “hip hop music and culture as a catalyst for real, meaningful change in individuals’ lives”.


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