Ric Scales vs Knox Overstreet Rap Battle, May 21st, 2017

The more time I spend stopping around downtown San Diego the more I realize how much talent our community truly breeds, especially in the hip-hop scene.

Just last Saturday I attended Biggie & Tupac Tribute Exhibit + Rap Battle at Just Another Gallery – a high end art gallery and glass art exhibition. The battle was hosted by Ramel J. Wallace, and was by far one of the most unique hip-hop events I have had the pleasure to be a part of. The energy in the room was infectious and the atmosphere felt intimate, especially given the fact that the venue was packed to its maximum capacity. But the absence of stage is the element that catalyzed a competitive and exhilarating dynamic among both battle-rap emcees and the audience.

There were several battles that took place at the gallery; and each and every one of the emcees radiated an undeniable charisma backed with ferocious bars.

One particular battle that stood out the most to me was between Ric Scales and Knox Overstreet. It was the only battle that was initially in a tie. The tie was broken in the second round by Ric Scales, who has held rap-battle championship in San Diego Hip-Hop Scene for years. As evidenced by the reaction of the audience, Ric outbared Knox and once again earned himself a round in the semi-finals. As much as I am a fan of Ric Scales and whose EP “Leave It All Behind” has been on my heavy rotation playlist, I walked away feeling apprehensive about Ric’s championship. Perhaps it may have been the dynamic between the two emcees that made the battle so entertaining and I wanted to see them go for yet another round.

Just Another Gallery plans to host similar events once a month so if you’re a fan of hip-hop, live in San Diego and would like to be part of the culture, come down to Barrio Logan and join us.