Kosha Dillz Drops a New Video Before Kicking Off His First Headlining Tour – OY VEY USA

Last weekend Kosha Dillz dropped his new video for his track “No You Can’t” which can be found on his debut album What I Do All Day & Pickle. The song, as well as the video content, is a witty and tongue-in-cheek message dedicated to those who shamelessly ask you for things and favors and to them Dillz says “No You Can’t”. I’ve actually had the pleasure watching him perform this joint live and it’s hilariously true. It’s definitely the type of song that everyone can relate to but above all KD really knows how to turn up the crowd. So if you’re looking to get turned up and have a good time, come out and support this artist at one of his OY VEY USA Tour shows (see links below to tour dates).

Check out the dates for his OY VEY USA Tour on his facebook page and/or website:

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Also, be sure to check out his new album What I Do All Day & Pickle on SoundCloud.