JAG | 2700, Dalton Ave, Kapernick Effect, Battle Rap & Music Business

In this segment of our conversation with #JAG & Patrick we discuss JAG’s single Kapernick Effect – by far, one the most lyrically and visually powerful yet underrated pieces of art of 2018.
Remarkably raw and compelling, Kapernick Effect is the type of joint that leaves a timeless message in the history of hip-hop. The kind of art that continues to inspire me and bars that put verbs into my sentences.
We also spoke about the process of creating the visuals to Kapernick Effect and the coincidental circumstances surrounding the shooting of the video, which is an emotional story in and of itself…
I‘d like to thank @Jag and Patrick @20five7 once again for speaking with us and sharing so much of your passion. Also, big thanks to Mal  @mal_bytheway for putting me on to JAG, you’re sleepers are always 🔥 And of course, a huge thank you to homie @wizardzacks for coming through to help me out with the interview. You’re a G.
Next Friday on October 12th at 8:00 PM, please join us at Echoplex @theecola to watch JAG perform live, alongside another hip-hop legend Curren$y @spitta_andretti and G Perico and other really dope artists.

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Jag « @jag » & his manager Patrick « @257mgmt » discuss Jag’s latest project – « 2700 EP » (available on all streaming platforms), Jag’s current status as an Independent Artist and Patrick gives me a thorough lesson and a breakdown of Jag’s distribution deal.

Stream and purchase JAG’s music: « JAG on Apple Music »

I’ve had [@jagon heavy 🔂 since the beginning of this year. And a couple of days ago, I got the opportunity to meet him and his manager Patrick [@257mgmt].
I know I always say this, but this was one of the most interesting conversations I had ever had with both the artist and his manager. This was also my first time sitting down with an artist’s manager and I hope to have more of these type of conversations with behind the scenes creators because not only was Patrick a G, he also helped me understand a lot about what goes down behind the scenes and the grind that it takes to make it in the music industry.
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