“Go” by Real J. Wallace, produced by Dayfade

A few weeks back I’ve had the pleasure to attend Black Xpression Night at ThChrch in Barrio Logan where I’ve witnessed a number of performers get on the mic and spit some of the most beautiful and heartfelt poetry and bars. One of the performers that was in attendance that night was Ramal J. Wallace, otherwise known as Real J; who is in fact a co-owner of ThChrch and a highly regarded emcee and philanthropist in San Diego community. The second Ramel stepped up to the mic, people began to cheer him on as he teased the audience with a few bars from a project that was in the works at the time – a video for a joint “Go” by Real J. Wallace, produced by Dayfade.

A side note. Ramel is actually a next door neighbor and a good friend to someone very close to me and although we haven’t had too much interaction since we’ve met, what I have learnt about him so far is that he’s truly one of the most genuine humans you will ever meet. And those are the type of qualities that are manifested in his music. So here it is, enjoy the video to “Go” by Real J. Wallace, produced by Dayfade and be sure to support Real-J in his music endeavors by purchasing his music on Bandcamp. Also, if you are a creative or a just a fan of the arts and music learn more about ThChrch and the services that are provided by the organization; all of this info may be realized on the website to which the link is provided below.

Connect with Real-J:

Soundcloud || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Youtube || Bandcamp || ThChrch

Lastly, stay tuned for a release of his newest album, I hear it’s about to drop 😀