Legends Never Die

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. How’s everybody doing tonight? Last Saturday was one of the most festive nights in San Diego as people congregated in every boozy establishment to pay their respect to Saint Patrick. Some raggers paid so much homage to Pat, even the cops pulled up. Which made me wonder, why do people drop so much cash on admission fees to San Diego Zoo when there’s so much wildlife to observe for free in downtown. There’s just something ...

Ric Scales vs Knox Overstreet Rap Battle, May 21st, 2017

The more time I spend stopping around downtown San Diego the more I realize how much talent our community truly breeds, especially in the hip-hop scene. Just last Saturday I attended Biggie & Tupac Tribute Exhibit + Rap Battle at Just Another Gallery – a high end art gallery and glass art exhibition. The battle was hosted by Ramel J. Wallace, and was by far one of the most unique hip-hop events I have had the pleasure to be a part ...

Black Xpression ft. Apollo Lason

If you are a fan of poetry, hip-hop and music, Black Xpression – open mic night in Barrio Logan, San Diego is probably one of the coolest things to do in San Diego on a Friday night. Curated by Xpress, an organization that promotes open dialogue and platform for the community, and held at ThChrch on 2185 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113, Black Xpression is lit with positive vibes and great energy. The hosts are welcoming, attendees are friendly and above all, the talent is fire! Don’t ...

Kosha Dillz + Glen Parks + Flavia + Ehiorobo

Kosha Dillz + Glen Pars + Flavia + Ehiorobo at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles