Back when I interviewed Moia Bri I came across a couple of joints on which she was featured on, Bl∞m (w. Moia Bri) and How To Fall (w. Moia Bri) by Carter Wilson aka Captaincy – a Seattle based rapper, originally from Oakland, CA. Loved the tracks and made a mental note to return to his Soundcloud page to check out some more of his music. When I returned to his page a couple of months later I came across even more music that really caught my attention. One song in particular that really resonates with me is Malcolm’s Medicine so without further consideration I hit him up for an interview.

Carter is a very cerebral kid, you can hear it in his lyrics and in the way he articulates himself; definitely by far one of the most talented artist that I’ve had a pleasure of interviewing, and it was also a lot of fun getting to know him as an individual.

So without further ado please enjoy the interview, download his music and connect with him on his social media.


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