As a hip-hop worshiping nerd that I am, I’ve been a fan of Charlemagne Tha God for quite some time. In fact, it has been my daily morning ritual to listen to the latest episode of The Breakfast Club (a nationally syndicated radio show based in New York City hosted by Charlamagne, Dj Envy and Angela Yee) as I sit behind my desk, sip on a strong cup of coffee and begin my work for the day.

Some days after I’ve finished listening to the latest episode of The Breakfast Club I have on occasion browsed YouTube for Charlemagne’s latest interviews and I distinctly remember the first time I came across a snippet of The Brilliant Idiots podcast. It was a YouTube clip of Charlemagne and Andrew Schulz discussing the end to Charlemagne’s beef with Drake. The clip was hilarious, especially Schulz’ banter and bold opinion on the whole situation. But what stuck out the most to me is Charlemagne’s and Schulz on air chemistry, those guys are on FIRE. They’re raw, they’re brilliant and sometimes (admittedly) somewhat idiotic, which makes one hell of a show. Needless to say, I got sucked into the podcast fairly quickly and became a fan of Andrew Schulz for his raw-as-f**k sense of humor. I can’t tell you enough how funny these guys are, you just have to listen to the podcast and if you like it go see them perform live. Schedule to The Brilliant live shows is provided on Schulz’s website (link below).

Here are several reasons why I really admire Schulz and Charlamagne. They do as they preach. They try to promote a positive message and instill confidence in our youth. Their work ethic is impeccable, which pushes me to work harder as well. But above all, they truly value their fans which is exemplified by giving back in ways such as by going out of their way to help a fan to promote his music on their podcast, or promote another podcast personality Tax Stone or simply Andrew picking up the phone and answering a few of my questions. That’s real. And it speaks volumes about the type of human beings these guys are.

Lastly, I won’t even front. I was pretty nervous interviewing Andrew. But as you’ll listen further to the interview, he talks about a time he got punched in the face during one of his stand-up gigs by a guy who didn’t particularly enjoy one of his jokes so what did Schulz do? He took the hit, acknowledge the situation and came back the next week to the same venue to perform another one of his sets. Now if that doesn’t move or motivate you to face your fears and failures then God help you but I will forever remember this anecdote in time of personal panic. Here’s the clip to Vlad’s interview in which Andrew talks about the incident.

So without further ado, here is the recorded phone interview between myself and Andrew Schulz. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of sound, I’m still working on improving this for future interviews.

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