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« Nate Whitsell | creator of #SDLovesHipHop | pt. 2 »

Nate and I continue our discussion of hip-hop culture. I also learn that, Nate is actually an aspiring emcee himself with a body of work to back it. Our conversation takes yet another turn when I remind him of the time when we had first met and we spoke about something that I found especially intriguing that combines both of his passions – teaching & hip-hop and the repercussions of it on his students. We also discuss various free educational resources that are made available to kids who have interest in learning how to create music or jumpstart their podcasting venture.

« Jag | 2700 EP out on all DSPs | IG clip »

I’ve had @jag on heavy 🔂 since the beginning of this year. And a couple of days ago, I got the opportunity to meet him and his manager Patrick @257mgmt. I know I always say this, but this was one of the most interesting conversations I had ever had with both the artist and his manager. This was also my first time sitting down with an artist’s manager and I hope to have more of those conversations with people behind the scenes because not only was Patrick a G, he also helped me understand a lot about what goes down behind the scenes and the grind that it takes to make it in the music industry.
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« Nate Whitsell – creator of #SDLovesHipHop – pt. 1 »

Nate Whitsell is creator of SDLovesHipHop.com – one of the fastest growing platforms in San Diego that curates content with strong emphasis in urban arts & culture. A highly regarded Hip-Hop journalist in San Diego, Nate often reminds me of Adam22 from No Jumper Podcast, given how hard he holds down San Diego by going above and beyond to support local talent. And although, SDLHH niche is San Diego, Nate has had success landing interviews with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop industry, which is further discussed in the upcoming segments of our conversation. Did I mention that he’s got some fire bars of his own? Check out some of his joints that he’s been working (link below). Above all, #SDLovesHipHop’s core ambition is to encourage anyone that has been impacted by hip-hop to engage in a discussion for “hip hop music and culture as a catalyst for real, meaningful change in individuals’ lives”.

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« Nate Whitsell – creator of #SDLovesHipHop – Jag Interview Outtake »

I had the pleasure to speak with Nate Whitsell – creator of San Diego Loves Hip Hop (@sdloveshiphop) and a highly regarded hip-hop journalist in San Diego.
Passionately immersed in SD hip-hop scene, he often reminds me of Adam22 of No Jumper Podcast for providing a platform to local talent. Despite the fact that we spoke for over three hours, my mind was still full of questions, given how knowledgeable and experienced Nate is in this industry.
This snippet was meant to be an outtake of the recording because I made the mistake of forgetting to click “record” just a few minutes into our conversation. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share this clip because, for one, I’m still high off the strength that Nate was kind enough to spare his time to speak with me and two, I wanted to let any one who comes across this to be on the lookout for Nate’s interview with Jag (@Jag) that’ll be dropping soon. #Jag is not an artist you want to sleep on; definitely check out his music 🙌🏼🔥.

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« The Need to Know Podcast – the come up »

DESCRIPTION:  in this video segment, Savon talks about his come up in the broadcasting industry, the creation of The Need to Know Podcast, meeting his co hosts, the dynamics of conducting business with friends, marketing on social media, analytics pressure and much more. He also shares a few inspiring personal life anecdotes that lead into a solid advice for aspiring creators.

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