Shaun Harris

  Shaun Harris is a local hip-hop rapper from Tucson Arizona. His recent single “Bio” off his debut album Shock G Calls Me Chris has caught attention of many hip-hop followers, including artists like Atmosphere of Rhymesayers Entertainment. Of course when I too stumbled upon his recent release “Bio”, I had to hit him up for some Q&A about his lyrical artist try and the man himself. Check out his video: Shaun Harris x Bell Biv Cousteau – Bio Download ...

Pat Messy

So great to have you on the blog Pat, please introduce yourself before we jump to the interview. [PM] Thanks for having me Maria! Yeaaah! My name is Pat Messy, I am an emcee, producer, sound engineer, and overall sound junkie. [V] You’ve mentioned that it took you quite a bit of time to complete The Elevation LP. Is there a particular reason why it took you so long to complete this album? [PM] Well, I’ve been making music a ...