A Culture Vulture is defined as an entity that exploits a particular ethnic or social group using dishonorable methods in an effort to gain personal profit.
And in today’s day and age, this term is used rather loosely; nonetheless, the label holds a lot of merit in context of its usage and especially as it pertains to the business side of the Entertainment Industry.

CultrVultr Blog & CultrPlug Podcast serve as a single platform that creates a space for an open and transparent dialogue regarding the misconceptions, and misunderstandings of the Entertainment Industry in attempt to bridge the information gap between an artist, an industry professional and a fan by way of defining a clear understanding of exact role that each individual party plays within the industry and in business.

There are always three sides to every story, artist’s, industry insider’s and the truth. Therefore we welcome all creators and all professionals that would be willing to help us learn how to navigate the industry and gain appreciation for one another’s efforts and business.